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Graduate School

As one of the nation’s premier research institutions, CU Boulder is vigorous in its pursuit of new knowledge, great scholarship and service. More than 5,700 graduate students from around the world work in over 100 programs leading to master’s, doctoral and professional degrees spanning the arts and sciences, business, education, engineering, law, music and more. The university also provides opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary work, both in degree and certificate programs.

With consistently more than $350 million in new sponsored research projects each year, CU Boulder faculty and graduate students are able to conduct world-class research with access to state-of-the-art equipment. The university has nearly 100 research institutes and centers, a close working relationship with several federal labs, and initiatives in emerging fields such as renewable energy, biotechnology, space sciences, engineering and geosciences. It also has one of the finest graduate teacher programs in the United States.

Academic Ranking of World Universities, August 2018

World rank: #38 of 500
United States Rank: #26

Center for World University Rankings, July 2018

World rank: #50 of 1,000
United States rank: #32


Five CU Boulder graduate programs were ranked in the top 10 in U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 edition of Best Graduate Schools.


atomic/molecular/optical physics




environmental law


quantum physics


physical chemistry

Graduate music students playing piano

Graduate Teacher Program

CU Boulder’s Graduate Teacher Program (GTP), which serves as a national model, offers graduate students individual consultation on college teaching, workshops, seminars and networking. The GTP’s academic professional development workshops, site visits, mock job talks, interviews and mentorship opportunities address skills needed for graduate students preparing for careers as future faculty and as leaders in their professions.

The GTP also offers extensive training and support in developing teaching and management abilities and has three certification paths to choose from: GTP Certificate in College Teaching, Preparing Future Faculty and Preparing Future Professionals.

NSF Fellows Tackle Wide Range of Research

CU Boulder consistently hosts a large class of National Science Foundation fellows, recently topping the 100 mark.

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program is one of the most prestigious awards available for student researchers in the country. CU Boulder is among the top 20 universities enrolling NSF fellows.

CU Boulder’s fellows have been tackling a variety of problems across a wide range of disciplines, from how to keep the bones of future astronauts from becoming brittle en route to Mars to how to build a better hip replacement using a person’s own bone and cartilage cells. Fellows are also studying the properties of ultracold gases and methods for treating people with cystic fibrosis as well as how malaria “hides” in our bodies and how sunlight can be turned directly into fuels.