CU Campus Map


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University Buildings & Facilities

AAC Academic Advising Center: SIT (Students in Transition) C-3
ARCE Administrative and Research Center (East Campus) J-2
ARMR Armory D-4
Art Museum, CU (in Visual Arts Complex) G-6
FPA Arts and Sciences Finance and Payroll Administration D-2
OB1 Arts and Sciences Office Building 1 D-4
ATLS ATLAS Building, Roser (Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society) G-6
FH Balch Fieldhouse E-7
BESC Benson Earth Sciences F-9
MCOL Bruce Curtis Building (Museum Collections) G-3
CARL Carlson Gymnasium E-7
CAS Center for Asian Studies D-2
CASA Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy L-3
CASE Center for Academic Success and Engagement G-6
C4C Center for Community I-9
CHMP Champions Center D-9
Charlotte York Irey Theatre (in University Theatre Building) F-4
DACR Children’s Center: Main Offices A-9
CIRE CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences) F-5
CLRE Clare Small Arts and Sciences D-6
COMP Computing Center J-3
CEDU Continuing Education Center D-4
EVNT Coors Events / Conference Center / Basketball–Volleyball Practice Facility I-12
CHEM Cristol Chemistry and Biochemistry G-5
DALW Dal Ward Athletic Center D-8
DEN Denison Arts and Sciences G-4
DLC Discovery Learning Center F-11
DDW Duane D-Wing F-7
DUAN Duane Physics and Astrophysics F-7
EDEP East District Energy Plant H-13
HUMN Eaton Humanities Building E-5
ECON Economics Building F-3
EDUC Education Building G-4
EKLC Ekeley Sciences Building F-5
EC Engineering Center F-11
ENVD Environmental Design G-7
EHSC Environmental Health and Safety Center H-13
EPRK Euclid Avenue AutoPark G-6
FISK Fiske Planetarium and Science Center J-10
FLMG Fleming Building K-10
Folsom Field E-8
Gamow Tower (in Duane Physics and Astrophysics) F-7
COTT Gates Woodruff Women’s Studies Cottage F-3
GOLD Gold Biosciences Building (MCD Biology) E-7
GROC Grounds and Recycling Operations Center G-13
GUGG Guggenheim Geography F-3
HALE Hale Science E-3
HLMS Hellems Arts and Sciences (includes Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre) G-4
HEND Henderson Building (Museum of Natural History) G-4
HFOC Housing & Dining Services Facilities Operations Center K-3
HSSC Housing System Service Center J-2
MUS Imig Music Building H-7
IPRC Indoor Practice Facility D-9
IBG Institute for Behavioral Genetics K-1
IBS Institute of Behavioral Science C-3
ITLL Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory G-11
IEC International English Center G-2
BIOT Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building L-2
KTCH Ketchum Arts and Sciences F-6
KOBL Koelbel Building (Business, Leeds School of) H-10
ALUM Koenig Alumni Center E-2
LSTR LASP Space Technology Research Center L-3
LESS Lesser House F-11
LSRL Life Science Research Laboratory, RL4 K-1
MCKY Macky Auditorium D-4
MSSC Marine Street Science Center, Research Laboratory, RL6 J-2
Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre (at Hellems Arts and Sciences) G-4
MATH Mathematics Building F-10
MKNA McKenna Languages E-4
MUEN Muenzinger Psychology E-7
Museum of Natural History (in Henderson Building) G-4
LIBR Norlin Library E-6
MAIN Old Main E-4
PFDC Page Foundation Center D-3
PDPS Police and Parking Services G-12
PORT Porter Biosciences E-7
POWR Power House F-6
RAMY Ramaley Biology E-6
RGNT Regent Administrative Center I-8
RPRK Regent Drive AutoPark G-12, J-9
RL2 Research Laboratory, RL2 K-1
GH-3 Research Park Greenhouse K-1
LITR Rose Litman Research Laboratory, RL1 J-1
Roser ATLAS Building (see ATLAS Building) G-6
SLL Science Learning Laboratory K-2
OBSV Sommers-Bausch Observatory I-11
SPSC Space Science K-3
SLHS Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences I-11
STAD Stadium Building E-8
STTB Stadium Ticket Building F-9
REC Student Recreation Center D-7
SEEC Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex (SEEC) L-4
SEEL Sustainbility, Energy and Environment Complex L-Wing (SEEL) L-4
TLC Technology Learning Center G-6
TB01 Temporary Building No. 1 D-6
TRAN Transportation Center J-2
UCTR University Administrative Center and Annex I-7
CLUB University Club H-6
UMC University Memorial Center G-5
THTR University Theatre Building (includes Charlotte York Irey Theatre) F-4
VAC Visual Arts Complex (includes CU Art Museum) G-6
WARD Wardenburg Health Center H-7
WIND Wind Tunnel L-4
WLFL Wolf Law Building L-11
WDBY Woodbury Arts and Sciences E-5

University Housing

ADEN Aden Hall (Engineering Quad) G-9
ANDS Andrews Hall (Kittredge Complex) J-11
ARNT Arnett Hall (Kittredge Complex) J-12
ATCT Athens Court C-7
ATHN Athens North Hall B-6
BKER Baker Hall G-7
BCAP Bear Creek Apartments L-6
BCC Bear Creek Commons (Williams Village) L-5
BRKT Brackett Hall (Engineering Quad) G-9
BUCK Buckingham Hall (Kittredge Complex) K-12
CHEY Cheyenne Arapaho Hall H-7
CKRL Cockerell Hall (Engineering Quad) G-10
CROS Crosman Hall (Engineering Quad) G-10
DRLN Darley Towers North (Williams Village) K-5
DRLS Darley Towers South (Williams Village) K-5
FACT Faculty–Staff Court C-5
FRND Farrand Hall H-9
HLET Hallett Hall H-9
KCEN Kittredge Central Hall (Kittredge Complex) J-11
KITW Kittredge West Hall (Kittredge Complex) J-10
LIBY Libby Hall G-8
MRCT Marine Court B-7
NTCT Newton Court B-9
REED Reed Hall H-10
SWLL Sewall Hall D-5
SMCT Smiley Court L-1
SMTH Smith Hall (Kittredge Complex) K-11
STNC Stearns Center (Williams Village) K-6
STNE Stearns East (Williams Village) K-6
STNW Stearns West (Williams Village) K-6
VCDC Village Center Dining and Community Commons L-6
WLRD Willard Hall H-8
WVN Williams Village North Hall (Williams Village) K-6